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Nelumbo nucifera is commonly known as the lotus.  The genus name is derived from the  Sinhalese word Nelum (which means blue); species name from the Latin for nut-bearing (nux = nut, fera = bearing).

Known also as Sacred Lotus or Indian lotus (not to be confused with waterlilies) the lotus is an aquatic perennial native to India and Bangladesh and is the national flower of both India and Vietnam.

My source was Nancy Ridenour, of Lotus Studios, who is a keen gardener with an impressive lotus pond had generously given us access.  Armed with a pair of borrowed galoshes and a retractable pole to which I’d attached a hook, I approached the pond convinced I’d soon be sliding down the slippery, slimy embankment. The buds and blooms always seemed that one extra tantalizing inch out of reach! See more »