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Aesculus x carnea

Aesculus hippocastanum

Pink horse chestnut/buckeye
12″ x 17″, 2015

My trudge to town takes me down a path lined with some majestic old catalpas, maples, stately oaks and a couple of younger horse chestnut trees. In the late spring the tips of the branches are covered with small pink flowers clustered in panicles, resembling a candelabra. Like the bees, birds, bugs and other pollinators, I too am lured by the color and profusion of the delicate blooms, contrasting so sharply with the dark green of the enormous leaves which surround them. more…

Citrus sinensis


Valencia orange
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Mention “orange” and you instantly conjure up a host of associations—brilliant colors, a fresh, clean scent and a juicy explosion of tart, sweet, tangy flavors. more…

Citrus nobilis


v. Tangeriana
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